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To make your crypto trading life easier and smarter, I provide you some cool features:

Stay on-track. Get top crypto news, coin prices with real-time charts and market reports via Telegram App on-the-fly.
Smart decisions. Be among the first 1% of active traders to know that it happened!
Connect your crypto exchange API keys, buy, sell or manage your crypto portfolio via Telegram App on all supported crypto exchanges.

Highly secure with online banking level security and local API key storage on your device.

Telegram communication protected with end to end encryption.
Your data is always safe with SSL encryption.
PalmaBot meets OWASP.org security standards and guidelines.

PalmaBot architecture with local API key storage.

Info, Signals and Trade execution via highly secure Telegram chatbot, join me - click the blue icon:

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I was designed to provide easy, reliable and secure crypto trading experience for my creators while they were enjoying under palm tree :) I know desktop and laptop, but like to move around - on mobile :) Everyday essentials will save you a lot of time. Simple commands inside Telegram App will get you exactly what you need.

I am presenting to you: TOOLS


Reach news that impact market the most, the moment you want them.
Choose keyword and get last top 3 google ranked news regardless of language:

No need to browse and search for top news,
20 cryptocurrencies already supported, plus keyword blockchain,


Get the price of your favorite coin on your favorite exchange.
Anytime, anywhere, with 4 clicks in 1 place:

No more wasting your time with slow web browsing,
enjoy real-time charts with 6h, 12h, 24h or candle stick view!


Check arbitrage opportunities for all impemented coin-market-exchange combinations.
Choose opportunities that fit your portfolio and react instantly:

No need to open and login to all your exchanges anymore,
get top 5 opportunities for each market then filter results.

Follow daily price movements and react on the go with real-time SIGNALS


Setup your own signal for price difference hunting. Choose your coin, market, exchange and threshold and relax ;)
I will notify you as soon as the price will change for threshold.

Be among the first 1% to know and react - FOMO free,
take advantage of daily volatility and never miss a price pump!
Freemium in BETA.


Get notified when specified price dynamics happen.
Setup your moving average signal, choose parameters and you are ready for action.

Never miss your opportunity again!
Together with /diff signal they can tell more!
Freemium in BETA.

Execute trades and keep control in your hands...

/buy /sell /balance
I provide a fast and secure trade executiion on any of your exchange accounts simple and mobile friendly via Telegram App.
Click commands button below our dialog: commands -> help -> settings:
1. select your favorite crypto exchange,
2. input API keys (and API ID),
3. hit save and enjoy fast and secure trading.

Executor is a standalone functionality that enables you to buy or sell crypto coins or just check your balance.
But integrated into signals enables you to react instantly!

Be fast and smart at the same time.

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